Susan T.

I had two procedures on each leg. Each time I came to the office Dr. Dworkin met with me prior to the procedure to explain exactly what was going to be done. He left me with no questions. The procedures were done in the office in a sterile environment. As we proceeded through the treatment he continued to explain what he was doing. I had no pain during the procedure and went back to work immediately following the procedure (and even went Christmas shopping for the weekend after one of my treatments). I cannot emphasize enough how comfortable and at ease Dr. Dworkin and his staff made me feel – before, during and after the treatments.

Dr. Dworkin’s office staff were very caring and followed up with me after each procedure.

I am so very pleased with the results of treatment with Dr. Dworkin. And, while I did not think I had leg pain and issues my legs now feel better than ever. I do not get tired or aches and pains. Also, my legs look great!