Sclerotherapy of Hand Veins

We all have many veins in our hands. However, as we age, the layer of fatty tissue between the skin and our hand muscles often shrinks. In addition, the elasticity of our skin over the top of our hands decreases with aging. The result is that some patients, especially slightly built women, develop a visible prominence if not frank bulging of the hand veins. One cosmetic treatment for these bulging veins is to gently inject a sterile medication into these veins so they close off and slowly shrink. Since we have such a redundant network of veins in our hands, closing these veins on top of the hands does not compromise the circulation. While this is certainly not a magical treatment, the result after several treatments and over 1-2 months is usually a reduction in the number and prominence of these veins. The complication rate is low when the properly selected patient is offered this treatment. Patients on blood thinners or immunosuppressant drugs or those with thin or delicate skin are usually not candidates.