Dr Dworkin is the best choice for vein problems. Many vein centers are staffed by radiologists or chiropractors or technicians with limited knowledge and capabilities, and a limited choice of treatments. Dr Dworkin is a real board-certified vascular surgeon, and

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Great experience. Procedure was explained thoroughly. Seen promptly at each visit. Every one was friendly and professional. Thank you Doctor and staff for taking the stress out of this procedure.


Front staff is very friendly on the phone and in person. Dr. Dworkin and the Ultrasound techs are both very nice and take time to explain everything in detail. There was nearly no wait time.


Dr. Dworkin and his staff are incredible. If you have any anxiety about medial procedures you will find that Dr. Dworkin eases all of your worries by walking you through the procedure step by step and makes you feel comfortable

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My experience with Vein Specialists of Tampa was superior. Dr. Dworkin is very thorough. The staff is very professional and friendly. I recommended Vein Specialists of Tampa.


I personally want to thank Dr. Dworkin for the surgery he did on my husband. After the procedure,  my husband felt better and he did not feel any discomfort in his leg. He was know longer embarrassed about his bulging

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My first ever having surgery and I must say the procedure and process was quick painless and the doctor and everyone at this location made me feel welcome and comfortable as well as kept me calm during the whole process

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I personally want to thank Dr. Dworkin for the surgery he did for my husband. My husband did well after the procedure and he felt better.  He didn’t feel any discomfort in his leg and he wasn’t embarrassed about the

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