Total Vein Systems: 1470nm Laser

TVS1470Until 15 years ago, the treatment for vein disorders often required a major surgical procedure that removed or “stripped” the culprit vein. This operation required hospitalization, general anesthesia and a considerable recovery time. Also, around 15 years ago, it was determined that vein disease was in most patients caused by malfunction of the superficial veins in the leg, and not due to the deep leg vein system. Almost immediately after this discovery, vein specialists began developing technologies that could close off malfunctioning superficial veins from the inside of the vein, without having to surgically remove the major culprit vein and without an invasive procedure. What is more, these therapies could be performed in a specialist’s office using a laser and only local anesthesia. Finally, over time it appeared this method of caring for patients with vein diseases resulted in a more successful and longer lasting outcome than the previously practiced “vein stripping” operation.

Laser technology in the U.S. and Europe is the most widely used method to accomplish these excellent, minimally invasive vein therapy outcomes. At Vein Specialists of Tampa, we have upgraded our laser technology to the Total Vein System 1470nm laser for our patients. This laser requires even less heat energy than previous devices we have used in our practice and results in even less bruising and discomfort than any other laser brand currently on the market. This 1470nm technology has been used and tested all over the world for years. Indeed, we can also confirm that the TVS 1470 laser is superior to its predecessors. As new lasers or other vein therapy technologies enter the market, Vein Specialists of Tampa will continually evaluate these devices for safety, superb outcomes, ease of use, and cost to our patients.