Compression Stockings

Medical grade custom fitted compression stockings have been known for years to reduce the pooling of blood that occurs in the veins of the legs. They have also been shown to reduce the chances of blood clots developing in the leg veins. In addition, these same stockings when used chronically have been shown to alleviate symptoms like swelling, aching and heaviness of the legs.

At Vein Specialists of Tampa we recommend compression stockings for all of our patients after undergoing most types of vein therapy. Research has shown that outcomes from vein surgery are improved with the use of these stockings, even if used only for weeks after a procedure. Our office staff will take leg measurements and select a stocking for you that is both therapeutic, inexpensive and long lasting. We also can help you select a wide variety of styles and colors for patients that will need compression therapy longer term. We carry an extensive inventory of stockings in our office and accept credit cards and cash for payment.

Special orders are not a problem and are usually fairly inexpensive ($50-70 plus tax and shipping)