Ultrasound Evaluation

ultrasound1Sound waves have been used in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine for approximately 60 years. While initially of poor quality and difficult for most doctors to interpret, ultrasound technology now allows doctors to view body parts and structures clearly, immediately, and without radiation exposure to our patients.

In the practice of vein disease therapy, we use ultrasound machines in our office to complement our visual and physical evaluation of possible venous disease. These portable but sophisticated units provide our staff with views of the arteries and veins. In addition, and equally as important, this technology also allows us to watch live the flow of blood through the vessels. We can measure the speed, direction and volume of blood flow using a combination of visualization and mathematics. The end result is literally a map of your veins that not only tells us where the veins are located and their size, but also their function.

At Vein Specialists of Tampa, our ultrasound technologists are board certified by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and have additional certification as Registered Vascular Technologists (RVT). This is the highest qualification obtainable for vascular ultrasound technologists.