Endovenous Ablation

What is all the excitement about?

No more Surgery! The Endovenous Laser Procedure has replaced Traditional Vein Stripping as the most effective, least invasive method of treatment for patients who suffer from Saphenous Vein Disease, the leading cause of varicose veins. These instructions are to prepare you for the saphenous vein laser ablation procedure to treat the cause of varicose veins and many other vein problems. Please read the instructions carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, please ask your doctor and his staff. Our purpose is to provide for you a comfortable procedure which will give you the very best results possible.

SKIN PREP: We advise that patients refrain from shaving their legs for 24 hours before the procedure and that no lotions be put on the legs for 12 hours before the procedure.

DIET: The day of the procedure you should eat normally before coming to the office. After the procedure, you can eat or drink anything you desire. Take any medications that are part of your normal routine. Coumadin and other blood thinners are sometimes stopped before the procedure and will be restarted by the next day. We will make arrangements to check your INR prior to the procedure if indicated. Aspirin, Plavix, Aggrenox and Pletal are all okay to continue. COMPRESSION STOCKINGS: Today you will be given compression stockings that should be worn beginning 48 hours after the procedure during waking hours every dayat leeast until you see us in the office for your first follow-up visit. We would like you to try this stocking on and wear it for several hours before coming in for your procedure so that we can be sure it’s a good fit. If you’ve never worn compression stockings, you may struggle a little bit the first time you put them on. Wearing rubber gloves while putting on the stocking is helpful and allows you to grip the stocking a little easier. Please bring the stocking with you the day of your appointment. We will instruct you in putting them on following the procedure. When will I go home? The procedure itself takes about 60 minutes and you will be asked to rest with your legs elevated for 15 minutes afterward. While you are resting with your feet up, we will review these instructions with you and confirm your follow-up date. After that, you will get dressed and you will be discharged home. Upon leaving our office, we do require you to have someone drive you home. Please wear shorts or loose clothing to go over the leg dressings at discharge. ACTIVITIES: You should take the rest of the day off from work after your procedure. Remove all dressings (except Steri-Strips) 48 hours after the procedure and shower regularly with soap. No hot baths or hot tubs until seen back in the office – usually 3-5 days post-procedure. The morning after your procedure you may resume driving and return to work. Vigorous exercise, aerobics or running are discouraged until you return to the office for your first follow-up appointment.

Please call our office about any questions. Phone 813-374-9002. After hours and on weekend, call Dr. Dworkin at the same number and choose the option to call Dr. Dworkin on his cell phone.

The procedure
  • Ultrasound is performed throughout the operation to identify the anatomy and to determine what and how to treat the abnormalities. The room lights will be dimmed for some of the procedure.
  • A diluted local anesthetic is infused around the saphenous vein to protect you from the laser and to be sure you do not feel the laser energy. If you feel discomfort during the operation, simply advise the assistant watching over you and we shall add additional medication.
  • The laser fiber is inserted into the saphenous vein by needle access, and the vein destroyed with laser energy. The vein is not removed from your leg, but will dry up and become an invisible fibrous cord in the future.
  • The small wounds are closed with steri-strips, a sterile dressing is applied, and your leg is wrapped with elastic bandages.

BRUISING AND TIGHTNESS: Mild soreness and bruising, lumpiness, and a slight pulling sensation or tightness to the treated leg is common following the Endovenous Laser Procedure and may last for a few days up to a few weeks depending on how much of the Saphenous Vein is treated. Please be aware that this is a normal part of the healing process and no cause for alarm. Taking anti-inflammatory medicine or over-the-counter pain relievers will alleviate the discomfort from the procedure. We suggest wearing your compression stocking during waking hours to provide comfort at least until you return to our office for your first follow up visit. Over the counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Aleve should be taken with food. Acetaminophen can also be taken. Will my veins disappear right away? What about the pain I feel from my veins?: For some patients, the varicose veins shrink in size within a few days to a few weeks and others may not see a significant change in the appearance of their veins. However, once the inflammation from the procedure subsides, pain relief is significant for most people and the doctor may choose to treat any surface veins with Sclerotherapy or Micro Phlebectomy. This can be decided when you come to the office for your follow-up exam. FOLLOW UP: You will need to see the doctor in the office about 3-5 days after your procedure. We will then repeat your ultrasound exam to make sure the vein is closed, and that everything is okay.