Am I a Candidate For Vein treatment?


Who should be evaluated for treatment of their leg veins?

The answer is mostly based on symptoms:

Do you experience throbbing of the bulging veins under your skin?  Do your legs swell at the calf or ankle at the end of the day?  Does that swelling resolve with elevation overnight?  Have you developed the feeling of heaviness in your lower legs?  Have you noticed changes in the skin color, texture or even a breakdown of the skin in the vicinity of the ankle (ulceration)?  Do you experience itching in this location?  Have you ever had a blood clot develop in one of your leg veins?  Have you ever developed bleeding from a leg vein, even if you don’t remember any local trauma as the cause?  Was the bleeding vigorous and under high pressure?

These are just some of the most common symptoms patients tell us when we evaluate them for leg vein issues.  Not everyone who has leg swelling has a vein problem since swelling is just one sign of a possible vein malfunction.  However, there are many other signs and symptoms suggesting a situation called “venous insufficiency”.  What is reassuring is that the diagnosis can usually be made in a single office visit with a thorough physical exam and a painless sound wave test called venous ultrasound.

Treatment, when indicated, is now completely outpatient based and is most often performed in an office lab like the one we have at Vein Specialists of Tampa.  We use ultrasound, local anesthesia and lasers to perform minimally invasive therapeutic procedures with no down time and immediate recovery.

Our goal, is to correct what is causing symptoms and prevent progression of the underlying vein condition.