Does Varicose Vein Treatment Work?

It sure does.

However, to get best results the varicose veins of your legs should be causing pain, swelling, throbbing, itching or leg heaviness.

An evaluation by an experienced vascular surgeon is worthwhile.  Typically,  your physician can diagnosis an underlying cause for the development of varicose veins then recommend a treatment for those veins to prevent a re-occurrence.  In addition, many insurance plans will only cover treatment of varicose veins if there is a root cause that can first be identified and treated.

Once the planned treatment has been completed, which may require several office visits, the vast majority of our patients obtain lasting relief and avoid the potential vein complications of skin ulceration, local clotting (phlebitis) leg heaviness and ankle swelling.

At Vein Specialists of Tampa, we spend a lot of time with each new patient.  Occasionally, we determine that a patient may not need a surgical vein treatment.  In those cases, we offer recommendations to improve leg health and/or reduce lower leg swelling.