Learning Something New…

Some of you may be at a point in your life where you realize you have to make activity adjustments due to the physical changes of aging.  Unfortunately, most of the people I see tell me they chose to make a downward adjustment; meaning they do less physically… or eliminate an activity altogether.

In fact, when our bodies age (and this could be any time after 30) we often decide to limit or stop physically doing what we used to do.  Not surprisingly, I think this is the wrong approach.  We must continue regular physical activity, preferably doing focused physical fitness to protect us from a wide variety of illnesses.  Although we don’t exactly know why, exercise has been scientifically proven to be more powerful at preventing illnesses than colonoscopy, mammography, vaccines, seatbelts… and the list goes on.

Accordingly, I had to make a change as well.  I had to give up all types of running due to a hip issue but chose to switch to an activity that all my life I was really poor at.  Still, I am determined to work at this sport, knowing how vitally important vigorous exercise can be.

Here is a video that summarizes my change and where I am at now.

Thanks for watching.