Varicose Veins and a Good Vascular Specialist

This is the time of the year when we seem to be most aware of other people’s legs. Here in Florida, men and women wear shorts most of the year, but elsewhere, summertime is when we see so many pairs of legs. And what we see is often surprising. Big, bulging, bluish veins, coursing all which ways, up and down.

Well, these unusual patterns of veins are now believed to be a potential health issue, not just a cosmetic one. And vascular specialists as well as all health insurance carriers think alike on this point. Prevention of future problems caused by the progression and enlargement of these veins in those who already have symptoms is the current recommendation of many physicians.

Often, symptoms involve leg heaviness that gets worse throughout the day. In addition to heaviness; leg throbbing, ankle swelling, pain after exercise and standing or sitting in place for long periods just make the discomfort worse. Skin changes of flaking, darkening and even sores (ulcers) can develop. Sure, compression hose when worn daily and all day might help some of the symptoms, but they will not reverse or cure the process.

Thankfully, no longer do vascular surgeons have to take people with painful varicose veins to a hospital to help them. Now we can provide complete, safe and comfortable care in an office setting with lasers, minimally invasive techniques and local anesthesia and usually have this care covered by health insurance.

So why suffer? At Vein Specialists of Tampa, we see nearly equal numbers of men and women of a wide age range (18-80s) with painful, bulging varicose veins. Treatment results are incredibly satisfying for both our patients and their families. And, there is no down time…even for those who work on their feet or like to exercise vigorously. Typically, an evaluation takes 45 minutes. Most of our treatments are completed in under an hour. Many of our patient’s drive home and all go back to work the next day.

Treatment of varicose veins at Vein Specialists of Tampa is a marvelous improvement compared to what doctors offered years ago.