When Veins Cause Leg Ulcers

Enlarged or varicose veins of the legs are quite common and cause symptoms of throbbing, pain and swelling in men and women of all ages. Sometimes this problem unpredictably results in a breakdown of the skin over the inside of the lower leg, just above the ankle. When this happens, a sore or “ulceration” of the skin develops. Not only can these skin changes bleed and become infected but they are also painful and difficult to heal.

While the objective of a vein evaluation at Vein Specialists of Tampa is to prevent venous skin changes from occurring in the first place, when we do see patients with skin ulceration caused by longstanding malfunction of the deeper veins of the leg, a rapid evaluation and treatment plan is our goal.

In over 75% of cases, malfunctioning veins that underlie the skin are the cause for the wound opening and breaking down in chronic leg ulcers. By directing treatment simultaneously at both the unsightly leg wound and the culprit veins that lie beneath, we can more efficiently and safely get these wounds to heal. What is equally important is that this treatment plan is also the best course for preventing the recurrence of these leg ulcers.

At Vein Specialists of Tampa we evaluate a variety of problems related to venous circulation and then create a treatment plan that is safe, durable and minimally invasive.